Top 5 Tips To Get More Out Of Google Calendar for Business

Top 5 Tips To Get More Out Of Google Calendar for Business

Google Calendar is one of the most popular ways of organizing your life because it is available on multiple platforms. Its accessibility makes it the perfect companion for every business person who wants to stay on time and never miss an appointment. So how can you use Google Calendar for business? Here are some of the most useful tips and tricks.

No.1. Automatic syncing

Google Calendar has one amazing feature and that is automatic adding of the events from your email. So if Google detects an accommodation reservation or a booked flight in your inbox, it will automatically include that event on your calendar. Not to forget that in case some of the dates change, the calendar will update itself. Google Calendar will grab every reservation and place it in your calendar which will save you plenty of time and make organizing easier.

No.2. Knowing the weather

Many of us tend to travel a lot for business, so if you don’t want to be surprised by the weather, Google Calendar can tell you everything you need to know about the conditions in the city you are traveling to. This feature is easy to set up and all you need to do is go to Settings, tick Show weather based on my location option, and you will be good to go.

No.3. Using multiple calendars

Google Calendar will allow you to create separate calendars for your business and private life events. Therefore, you will have a better overview of your plans and events without getting them mixed up. You can also share your calendars with co-workers or family when needed. Switching between the calendars is pretty straightforward. Simply click on My Calendars and select the calendar you need.

No.4. Managing your business

If you are in charge of your own company, you can use Google Calendar for business in order to keep everyone accountable. When you create a shared calendar which is accessible to every person working in your company, you can manage their hours and future events. Your employees can also edit the calendar in order to inform everyone about their days off or changes in shifts. You can also set up reminders that will notify you about important dates such as the payment schedule.

No.5. Placing the calendar on your website

Depending on the work you do, having a public Google Calendar available on your website is quite useful, especially if you are open to online booking and you work with the clients on a daily basis. But you need to remember that keeping your available spots up to date is crucial for quality organization. Google Calendar can be quickly installed on your company’s website and it will be in the HTML code. Therefore, it will not pop out of the layout and should look natural to every visitor.


Learning how to use Google Calendar for business will make scheduling effortless. It will do wonders for your productivity and help you manage your time without difficulties. Google Calendar has many features that can be used by business people in order to make their lives less complicated. And most importantly, it is always available to you regardless of the device you use.