Tips for art therapists crowdfunding

Tips for art therapists crowdfunding

Art has always been known as a form of creative expression. But what if we could extend the very same concept to therapy and mental healing? That’s exactly what art therapy is. A form of using creative art and artistic expression to heal your mental and emotional self. In India, where mental illness is a lesser discussed subject, art therapy would be a wonderful outlet to not only diagnose, but also heal, in a way that has less stigma attached to it. As always, at Impact Guru, our aim is to ensure that such benefits are available to all strata of people, irrespective of financial background – through our crowdfunding India platform, we aim to facilitate this.

So if you’re a therapist, or a professional in this field, we encourage you make art therapy a part of your therapy sessions. We do however, understand that art therapy too needs to be learned in a professional manner, and so we urge you to get financial education through the tools of a crowdfunding India. As a therapist, you may fund your education or degree courses in art therapy. Additionally, you may be interested in setting up an art therapy service that would require a good amount of investment. Through online fundraising, these expenses can easily be covered, without having to deplete personal savings.

If crowdfunding for art therapy is something you might be interested in, we have a few tips to help you get started:

Reach out to the right people

Raising money for unusual concepts like art therapy means you really have to know your audience. You target would include schools and children, adolescent teenagers, victims of abuse, those with a history of addiction or eating disorders, or other mental illnesses. Associating with NGOs and nonprofits who work for such causes is the first step. However, it may also be beneficial to people who may not suffer from any of the above. Therefore your campaign narrative should be crafted in a way that focuses on the ability to heal people with mental or emotional troubles, as well as a great outlet for understanding oneself better.

Share stories

Not a lot of people may know of art therapy. Your campaign should cover what it is, how it can help. The best way to do so is by sharing stories of people who’ve been healed by it, and continue to use art therapy for mental well-being.

Be open about your intentions

If you want people to donate to your cause, especially a relatively new and unique idea like art therapy, they need to be convinced for it. You must ensure you’re open and honest about how you’re going to use the funds you collect from them. So if you’re crowdfunding to have art therapy sessions for victims of harassment, they need to know the details of it.

At Impact Guru, we encourage new and innovative ideas, and help them to flourish through our crowdfunding India platform. Where funding may hold you back, crowdfunding will take you forward. To raise money for this, or other such creative spaces, start an online fundraising campaign on Impact Guru today!