There is More Than Just Key Features – Much More

There is More Than Just Key Features – Much More

MLtek ArchiverFS has more than just the key features – there is much more!

  • Installation which is supported by all version of Window from the 2003 Server on, includes Windows Storage Server and Server 2016;
  • Total compatibility with MS Windows compression, MS Windows Server de-duplication, MS Search Server, SAN built duplication as well as SDS;
  • Product that is established with a customer base that is very broad. This archiving resolution is used with wide variety of organisations from multi-billion-dollar worldwide companies to contractor with military, government institutions, law enforcement, universities as well as others in over 40 countries;
  • File approvals as well as features that are 100% preserved all the times thanks to the use of pure NTFS for 2nd line file storage;
  • Unique everyday Maintenance job that returns all files back to the live file system and exactly duplicates folder and file permissions for the live system to the 2nd line storage;
  • Full Unicode support for more of the file system character sets in the world including Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, English, and much more.

Both Perpetual and subscription licenses

A subscription license are accessible for around $1200 for processed 2 TB files and is for every TB moved from the live system to 2nd link storage. They don’t charge created on the amount of old data just setting idle in 2nd line storage which isdifferentthan from other storage programs, just the action of moving the files. After all it is your storage and files, why should you pay every year to have files sat on it?

Deployment allows the moving of an unrestricted number of files from 1st line storage to any UNC path (SAN, NAS, Cloud, etc) while maintaining every files approval, file dates, properties in an effective way. There are tons of options and flexibility to process files in whichever way is best suitable for you, and not some company that is attempting to get you to sign up for 5 or 6 figure sums, year after year, just to hold your old data for you! Further information, please check this website.