The types of bras you should have in your wardrobe

The types of bras you should have in your wardrobe

What completes your wardrobe? No, it isn’t pants, jackets or dresses. They might be an essential part of your wardrobe, but bras are the basic requirements of every girl. You often put on a lovely dress and then end up taking it off, why is it so? It is because a bra can end up destroying the look you want to achieve. Any look can either shine or crash if the right bra isn’t worn underneath it. That is why we decided to talk about bras and how vital they are to every girl or woman.

T-shirt bra.

Your everyday look is the something that makes you feel comfortable, and it is none other than a t-shirt. To get the seamless and smooth look when you’re wearing something that clings to your body you have to wear a T-shirt bra. You will need at least two bras in design. They focus on comfort and give you a great fit.

The backless.

Are you planning to be in the spotlight of the party at your office? But, the look of your backless gown can be ruined if your bra is visible. To go with your outfit, choose a backless bra. You can even have stick-onsmade out of silicone. It is another alternative to choose.


A girl’s best friend is a bralette. They are seamless, unpadded and come in materials like Spandex or cotton. You can wear it on a daily basis but wearing the same one every day isn’t the right thing to do. Your body heat can ruin the elasticity of your bra plus it isn’t hygienic to wear the same one every day.

Push-up bras.

It lifts your sagging breasts up and gives them a firm look. Comes with extra padding that is made out of gel, foam, air or water. It creates an illusion of cleavage and a bust that looks fuller. It is a necessity for girls or women who have smaller breasts, but women who have fuller-breasts can also wear it without any worries. It will lift up your breasts without adding any volume.


To get rid off those straps that play a peek-a-boo every time you wear tops or blouses with slimmer straps are annoying. Choose a strapless bra that will stay in place despite the absence of straps. They have silicone stitched on the sides to keep it in place and also provide the needed support.

The minimisers.

Those who have a fuller breast size can choose a minimiser bra to tone down the cup size of your breasts. Wear this bra on occasions where you seem it fit.

The sports bra.

Every woman who works out needs a sports bra. It provides the support and comfort that she needs while doing any form of physical activity. Apart from keeping your breasts in their place it also supports the back. If you love sales and want your bras at half prices, then check out the deals and offers of CouponHub promos.


Apart from lifting your breasts, they create the illusion of cleavage. This type of bra has thicker straps which help to create a neckline that is open. When you choose to wear a top that has a plunging neckline, then this is the choice you make. It has a U-shaped wire and also cups that are cut-out.

Plunge Bra.

Famous for the V-shaped cut and the piece that connects the cups is deliberately lowered or slimmed to allow women to wear dresses and tops that have a low cut. The cups are angled in such a way that they create cleavage which seems bigger. These bras are not padded the way push-up bras are.

Contour bras.

Don’t get all confused in your head. There is a vast difference between a push-up bra and the contour bra. Contour bras are more defined. They have cups which are moulded and mostly unpadded. As they are moulded they automatically add an extra padded later which doesn’t enhance your cleavage. They are designed to add symmetry and shape. It has a snug fit and brings out your shape in the most natural way. They are perfect for every woman who varies in size.

We have listed some bras that should find their place in your closet from now on. You have spent years wearing the same kind of bra for every outfit, now is the time you change that and wear something it will make your outfits look better than ever.