The Advantages of SIM Only Plans

The Advantages of SIM Only Plans

Most people now own a mobile phone. We see them being used everywhere. However, they can be a costly asset that many people need to budget for. Most mobile phones are now on contract plans, which are usually two years long. At the end of the contract the mobile phone is yours to keep. Many people are tempted to then renew their mobile and sign up for another two year contract. It is easy to forget, however, the advantage of not doing this and instead having a SIM only plan. This short article explores some of the reasons why you might want to choose this option and think twice about signing up for another lengthy contract.

Types of SIM Only Plans

There are two main types of SIM Only Plans offered by all the major mobile phone network providers. These are a 12 month, annual contract, a 24 month contract or a 30 day rolling contract. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these plans. The main difference that most people will want to consider between them is price. A 24 month contract will be significantly cheaper than the 30 day contract when compared with the same monthly quota of minutes, data and text messages. Of course, it will be desirable for people who want to keep their monthly payment low, but you will not be able to exit the contract for 24 months. This means that if you want a new mobile phone handset during that time then you would need to purchase one out right.

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All contract lengths with most operators will require you to give a minimum of 30 days’ notice, providing you are out of the minimum contract term.

Another advantage of SIM only Plans

One of the great advantages for many people of SIM only plans come if you have a mobile phone handset that you are happy with. If you then choose a 30 day rolling contract which will be significantly cheaper than signing up for a further 24 month and choosing a new handset, you can decide at any time to enter into a new contract and have a new mobile, once you get fed up of having your current one.

Finding The Perfect Sim Only Plan

Once you have decided that a SIM only deal is right for you, it is time to find the perfect deal. Of course, you may be committed to choosing one particular network if your current mobile phone is locked to that network. However, you could decide to get your phone unlocked at a reputable mobile phone shop if you did find an excellent offer elsewhere. There are many internet comparison sites that you can use to find the perfect SIM only plan for your mobile phone. Performing a search will help you to compare what all of the major network operators have to offer you. Using a comparison website will help you to make the right decision. You can also contact your mobile phone provider and get a PUK code if you wish to transfer your number to another network operator.

In many circumstances, there are many advantages of SIM only plans which certainly should be considered!