Six Critical SEO strategies for Legal Marketing

Six Critical SEO strategies for Legal Marketing

The current digital revolution requires practically every business to have an online presence. Especially more for service-oriented businesses like law firms. Website marketing for attorneys means investing in people and content that will drive more visitors to their website and hopefully converting them into customers. People believe Google knows everything, including the law firm they should engage in for their legal needs. Thus, it is critical that your law firm rises to the top of Google’s search engine pages.

Here are six search engine optimization strategies particularly relevant to the legal profession. Apply them well and watch your website get more traffic and potentially more leads.

Keyword selection

It is critical that your law firm choose its keywords well. You can use online tools like Moz, Google Keyword planner and KWfinder that will help you choose keywords that are likely to be used by people when looking for legal services online.

Original content

Google loves original content so invest in quality writers that will write epic content on your legal services website. In fact, it would be great if you can have your in-house lawyers to craft content from time to time. That would make it very authentic and if written well would convey authority and signal quality legal services to potential clients.

Original content could simply be answering frequently asked questions about a particular legal service. You can also highlight recent cases and give legal opinions on current issues. 

Don’t engage in legalese

Your content should be aimed at ordinary people. Keep the legalese language inside the law firm. So speak and write simply and if you’re using video platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook Live, then communicate as simple as possible. Bring the legal terms to your audience’s level. If you must define legal terms, keep to the simplest possible definition of it.

Mix up your content

Don’t just pose memes and short content. Create also evergreen long-form content that will deeply analyze a legal issue and establish your legal firm as an authority in that field. Keep the content going by repurposing them in the different social media channels. Be creative with your short content, for example; you can post quick testimonials of satisfied clients as well as publishing replies to an online email query of a client.

Be consistent in blogging

The blog section of a website remains a critical ingredient in ranking well in Google. Make sure you post regular quality content there so that eventually it becomes a well-established resource in the legal field in your area and even globally especially if you cater to international clients. Consistency will boost your brand’s credibility.

Speed is important

Make sure that your website loads quickly. It’s no use being in the top pages of Google Search rankings, but it takes forever to your site to load. Your website will have a high bounce rate, and this could affect your online search rankings. So invest in a developer that will make sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly most of the time.