Need for Hiring A Good Firm to Handle Your SEO

Need for Hiring A Good Firm to Handle Your SEO

There must be hundreds of SEO companies in Singapore. But only a fraction of those actually know what their job is and perform it accordingly. SEO is basically a race between websites to reach the coveted 1st spot in a search engine result, and if that is not possible, then to make a place in the first three results or at least be present on the first page when a customer searches for a keyword pertaining to the website.

But getting there is not easy; SEO is a time consuming process that takes quite a bit of time to show its full effects. So, no credible SEO firm will ever promise you instant results. If any firm makes such a promise then you should walk out of there immediately.

Be smart with your questions

A lot of people would walk into a business and the first thing they ask is the price. This is a wrong approach to take with a SEO company because no credible SEO firm will ever quote a price without first learning about the scope of a project. So, what you should really be asking is how long they have been in business, what are the qualifications of the people who will be handling your project etc.

Case files are important

Don’t hire a SEO firm without taking a look at their work. You can do this by looking at files of previous cases they have handled. A good SEO firm would probably offer to show the files without you having to ask them for the files. If a company seems reluctant to share any files then look elsewhere, this is not the right firm.

Don’t expect miracles

SEO firms are not miracle workers; they cannot change your website’s search engine ranking in a day or even a month. The initial audit to check the status of your SEO compliance will probably take more than a month. Then they will have to get an idea about your business goals and device a strategy accordingly.  Then the real work will begin and your goals will be achieved over time.