Medium Volume Mail Franking Machines and New Postage Rates

Medium Volume Mail Franking Machines and New Postage Rates

On 24th February 2017, Royal Mail made an announcement.

The Royal Mail fees paid by stamp, standard franking machine and Mailmark franking machine customers are increasing on the 27th March. For every enterprise this means absorbing the additional expense. Or does it? If you send several items per day and have a medium volume franking machine the cost implications will be evident but not necessarily unalterable.

The simple rule is that stamps cost more than a standard franking machine’s postage and the Mailmark eligible smart technology franking machines offer the best Royal Mail pricing.

Post is a continual business expense but your SME shouldn’t blithely bear negative cost implications. Talk to a leading Royal Mail franking machines expert like IMS Franking in Aldermaston about achieving the highest levels of service and technology whilst enjoying the lowest tariff.

Yes, you read that correctly.

  • Stamps are low technology and the most expensive.
  • Smart franking machine rates are lower but the tools and visibility are optimised.

Smart Royal Mail franking machines employ readable 2d barcodes which are scanned as they pass through the business mail network. Mail is trackable. Clients can log on to their bespoke dashboard and view where their items are. This can be an invaluable customer service tool.

Parcels, special delivery and sign on delivery are handled on the business premises which negates the need for a trip to the Post Office and these too are visible online via smart franking machine tracking tools.

You may not realise it but Royal Mail wants clients to switch to franking machines because this negates the need for repeated stamp print runs, an expense they would happily drop in this screen based, smart technology driven marketplace.

Until 27th March a 1st class small envelope of less than 100 grams costs:

1st class stamp:                                    64p

Standard franking 1st class:                 53p

Mailmark smart franking 1st class:      51p

From 27th March 2017, the new costs are:

1st class stamp:                                    65p

Standard franking 1st class:                 57p

Mailmark smart franking 1st class:      55p

So, 50 items per day for 30 days amounts to smart franking machine rates of: £825.

The stamps cost an additional £150 (£975) and can’t offer the extensive tools.

Over a year this is an additional and wholly avoidable £1800.

The Postbase Qi3 is a popular example of a Royal Mail franking machine which is eligible for the best franking machine rates.

 FP Postbase Qi3 for low to medium use:

  • Mailmark franking machine.
  • Franks up to 30 items per minute.
  • 4.3” colour operating screen.
  • 2 USB ports and 1 LAN/Ethernet port for PC operation.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Accurate postage costs.
  • Built in 3kg scale.
  • Label dispenser.
  • Letter tray.
  • 5 colour choices.

To enjoy the best franking machine rates, smart franking machines deliver a sensible and cost effective business solution. Whilst rental or purchase of Royal Mail franking machines, their credit and consumables are expenditures, is this truly prohibitive when you consider the sums being frittered away by not having these resources?