How to play different-different format video in Mac

How to play different-different format video in Mac

When you shoot a video it is often get to see that most of the people don’t the perfect view angle due to which video don’t get fit perfectly into the screen. But if you need to film the video quick and fast then the orientation of the video barely matters. There are some devices available that are very sensitive while some not.

Even Apple one of the most use and popular device also not provide obvious switch in their devices. Although you can rotate desktop screen it is not exactly the point. The main point is that how to get a best video playback by flipping, rotating as well as mirroring it. In order to rotate video on mac and to enjoy all these features it is recommended that you should make use of the Elmedia player pro. This app is unique than the other apps because it can also support HD, 4k, you can play your video in slow motion as well as standard motion very easily.

How to rotate the video

Elmedia Player is a video rotator for Mac that means if you have this device then you can make use of this app easily. However this app only rotates the display of video and adjusts the video into comfortable viewing position.

  • To play the video you need to download the app Elmedia player and install it in Mac
  • After that upgrade the app to its pro version along with the license number so that no other can make use of that code.
  • Once it is installed then you are free to edit any kind of video that you want.

You can open the view tab in order to see the option of rotate, flip and mirror, so that you can choose the orientation of the video as you want.