Home Entertainment Has Never Been Better

Home Entertainment Has Never Been Better

The flat screen television has really turned home entertainment into something special.  Yes, it can mean that your home movie viewing experience can be more like the cinema. But there is more to it than that.  There are many Primecables.com accessories that you will also need if you really want to maximize your movie-watching experience at home.


Sure, your flat screen television came with a base so you can set it atop a shelf or entertainment center.  But one of the best benefits of a flat screen television is that you can install it on a wall mount that lets you not only fix the screen at a more optimal position, but also provide you with options for even better viewing.  Basically, you can choose from three different types of wall mount:

  • A FIXED mount is simply a rack which screws securely into the wall and holds your flat-screen in place. You can adjust the fixed mount vertically along a track.
  • A TILT mount is similar to a fixed mount in that it has the same tracks that you let you adjust the placement vertically. However, the tilt mount also sets the screen a little further from the wall so you have the option to tilt it. Typically, then you would adjust it slightly higher than you need it and then tilt it down. This would be a great option if, for instance, you like to watch movies in bed or lying on the couch.
  • A FULL MOTION mount gives you all of these options and more. Not only can you slide it vertically and tilt the screen, but these also typically come with a fully adjustable arm that, effectively gives you 360-degree [so, unlimited, basically] viewing options

Before you get excited about all of these ideas, though, make sure that you have chosen a place to mount your television near an electrical outlet (so you can actually plug the television in).  Also, make sure you observe how daylight affects the room as it could affect the quality of your viewing too.


Honestly, the best way to watch movies and television, these days, is through online streaming media networks.  Hulu, Netflix, Amazon (and more) let you choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.  There are many different ways that you can stream media to your television.

  • Blu-ray players are often web-ready and come with streaming apps
  • similarly, next-gen video game systems also come with streaming apps
  • Web streaming devices like the Roku bring online web apps to your non-web-ready television.