Government Lighting Schemes – ESOS

Government Lighting Schemes – ESOS

Cutting lighting expenditure

A key factor in many businesses’ decision to invest in more efficient lighting systems is the availability of government lighting schemes that offset the expenditure.

Approximately 15-40% of each energy bill is lighting related so this is an essential area to research and invest in to save expense in the long term.

The savings are not a few negligible percent but up to 95% in maintenance costs and frequently in the region of 65-85% in energy savings.

ESOS is an effective and attractive solution

There are a few government lighting schemes to choose from and ESOS, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, an Environment Agency managed initiative, is one that should be considered by every business leader looking to maximise efficiency and minimise energy consumption and costs with LED lighting solutions.

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ESOS is an integral component of the UK’s adherence to Article 8 of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive and this scheme is expected to provide approximately £1.6bn net benefits for UK businesses via energy savings.

It should be noted that not all enterprises are eligible. In broad terms an organisation with more than 250 employees and/or with a supply turnover of £38000000 is more likely to be successful with their application for government lighting schemes assistance.  

As with many schemes, there is an application form which appears daunting but lighting specialists like LED by Vision will be able to assist with the process from beginning to end so please don’t let the inherent paperwork be a prohibitive factor.

Do lighting firms and their products meet ESOS requirements?

LED lighting specialists including LED by Vision, are leading the way in the supply, design and consultancy of efficient lighting, appreciate that clients want to receive optimum service but without excessive expense.

They develop, enhance and modify efficient lighting products to ensure the best results for the user and bill payer. Each LED lighting installation should therefore permit substantial savings for every business.

Lighting companies work in line with the government lighting schemes’ criteria, and coordinate designs and installations with ESOS lead assessors.  

Examples of efficient LED lighting products:

Halo light:

  • LED halo lights are circular with a rim.
  • Fully fitted LED lighting.
  • Save up to 75% energy.
  • Save up to 95% on maintenance.
  • ESOS qualifying product.  
  • Save £464.49.
  • 2164kg Carbon savings.
  • 3871kWh Energy savings.
  • 8, 15 and 26 watts available.
  • Even light spread guaranteed.
  • 0% glare.
  • Daylight, warm and natural colour options.
  • Frosted polycarbonate lens.
  • Slimline unit.
  • No mercury.
  • No harmful gasses.
  • 5 years guarantee.

600 X 600 LED panel lighting:

  • 58% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • ESOS qualifying product.  
  • Save £495.59.
  • 2309kg Carbon savings.
  • 4130kWh Energy savings.
  • Ideal for office installations.
  • 35 watts, 40 watts or 50 watts.
  • Daylight, natural and warm.
  • Even light distribution.
  • Flicker and shadowing free.
  • Less than 12mm in height.
  • Drops into an existing suspended ceiling.
  • Or it can be fitted in non-suspended ceilings utilising a mounting kit.
  • Dimmable.
  • 5 year guarantee.

Lighting related procrastination affects your bottom line. Action and ESOS can only prove beneficial.