Four Secret Ways to Avoid Underemployment

Four Secret Ways to Avoid Underemployment

Out of the many reasons for underemployment, the primary has to be due to the result of oversaturation of the graduate job market. The job market is continuously filling up with more and more graduates. If you happen to fall under this category, here are some tips for you to avoid unemployment.

  1. Plan Early

Plan out how you will pursue your career path as early as possible. This should be done preferably while you are still studying at the university. Find out the career options that fascinate you, and zero it down to just one. For instance, if you are interested in DBA jobs, testing jobs and development jobs, evaluate these and choose any one. Make sure that the career option you have narrowed down is based on your love and interest for the field rather than being influenced by your peers. Start planning to how you’re going to look for job opportunities in the coming months (that is after your graduation).

  1. Take Part in Extracurricular Activities

Good grades in your school or university will not guarantee a job in hand. The competition in the job market is so tough and fierce that you will need to ace up your game. These days, with so many job seekers having excellent academic qualifications, companies are looking for those candidates who stand out from the crowd due to the work and life experience that they have already accumulated through their extracurricular activities at university or school. So, make sure to draft your CV by including the extracurricular activities and voluntary work you had been a part of. This will definitely help you outshine the others.

  1. Improve Your Resume

Bad CVs will get you nowhere. Recruiters are experts in their field.They easily come across hundreds of resumes each day, so it will take them just a few seconds to decide if the resume must be kept aside or thrown into the shredder.

Hence, you need to ensure your resume stands out. You could do this by leaving plenty of white spaces (make it look natural). Break up the content into paragraphs with bulletsand include keywords.

  1. Be Selective

You can easily find tens of thousands of career and job sites online and you’ll end up spending a vast amount of your time just posting resumes on them. This is an utter waste of time and many experts believe the same. Hence, be selective. Select only those sites that match your needs and specific background. It is a good idea to post your resume in heavyhitters.