Farewell Barack Obama: ValueMags

Farewell Barack Obama: ValueMags

In the ValueMags office this morning, there is currently a lot of talk about Barack Obama’s farewell speech last nigh in Chicago. Not only did two of the executives have the honor attending his speech, everyone else was watching it on Tv or any device they had access to. For the most part, the office as many Americans are, sad to see him go.

Although some say the Obama administration did not achieve much under his leadership, ValueMags does consider that his government was left with the mess Bush left in 2008 during the housing crisis among many other economic, international, and political issues. Among the many accomplishments of Barack Obama, he was the first President to do many things. In 2010, mid way through his first mandate, Obama passed the Affordable Care Act which is more commonly known as ObamaCare. In 2011, Obama and the United States Forces ended the war in Iraq and began to defuse the war in Afghanistan. This also lead to the kill of Osama Bin Laden, leader of ISIS. As a result of his demand from the armed forces, he increased veterans support. ValueMags is very much aware of the effects of veterans and how to integrate them back into a life. One of the ValueMags executives brother’s was an Afghanistan veteran and a couple have parents whom landed with the allied forces on June 6th, 1994 on Omaha Beach. There were multiple times last night where Obama referred to the veterans and Omaha Beach along with the United States other missions.

One thing that is perfectly aligned between Obama’s and Trump’s platforms and beliefs is that veterans come first. The compensation for what they have and continue to see needs to rise especially when it comes to integrating back into society when they return home.

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