Believe Your Eyes The Future Of Construction Tech Is Here

Believe Your Eyes The Future Of Construction Tech Is Here

Twenty years ago, the idea of integrating technology into everything we do seem to be futuristic for most; to the point that it’s something that’s only possible in Hollywood films and sci-fi movies. However, things have changed– we are now living the future.

In fact, even in the construction industry, technology continues to evolve every year, and it has reached the point that experts believe it can solve almost anything.

BIM Is on the Rise

For the following years, we can expect that BIM would continue to take over the construction industry and there aren’t any signs that it’s going to stop anytime soon. In fact, it would even reach the point where engineers, contractors, architects, and project managers would be encouraged to work with BIM as a way to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

As for building owners, with the help of BIM technology, they will be able to make better decisions as they’ll be able to see what the actual building would look like even before it’s fully completed. This would allow them to request for modifications, or upgrades if needed.

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Robots Are Now Being Used to Perform Most Tasks on the Construction Site

Although there are a lot of wearables, such as safety vests, safety helmets, and goggles that protect the worker, we can’t deny the fact that there are still some situations considered to be dangerous for humans.

Fortunately, robots can now be used to handle such tasks, and what’s right about them is that they can speed up the process without adding extra costs. If this would be done through manual labor, not only will you be shelling out a right amount of cash, you’ll also be putting the workers’ lives at risk.

To prevent that from happening, a lot of construction sites utilize artificial intelligence and robots to handle operations that aren’t ideal for humans.

Big Data Is More Available than Ever

For those who don’t know what Big Data is, it’s a technological innovation capable of storing large quantities of data to make it available for future use. Aside from boosting the overall efficiency of the construction industry through the use of this data, other sectors would be able to enjoy its positive impact as well.

The source of big data could range from, but not limited to, machines, smart traffic tools, such as intelligent speed bumps, and smart safety cones, sensors, machine, computer, wearables, and other data-generating devices. In the construction industry, this can be found on the existing plant, and on different sources.

The Internet of Things Is Taking Over

The construction industry is already using IoT technology as a way to monitor and evaluate the performance of assets over a period. This means that construction equipment, machinery, and devices can now communicate with each other using a central platform.

Aside from enhancing the capturing of essential data that would have a positive result on performance parameters, smart city and towns would also greatly benefit from this. Likewise, it is believed that the construction company would also be able to discover new designs and ideas with the help of IoT technology as well. This wouldn’t only cut down costs, but can also be a way for predictive repairs.