Avoiding Shrink Film Waste

Avoiding Shrink Film Waste

Shrink films provide an indispensable packaging method which is used across the world within a whole range of industries including but not limited to food, hardware, house ware and electronics. Boasting many great properties PVC shrink film it great for warding off moisture, safeguarding products from abrasion and providing tamper-evident protection. A win-win packaging solutions all round.

As with absolutely all packaging supplies and materials however shrink wrapping can become expensive when misused and wasted. It is vital that those using shrink wrap to wrap their products follow the tips which we are going to provide today in order to get the most out of their money and package their products, whatever they be, effectively and affordable. Keep on reading for the greatest tips available when it comes to saving shrink wrap film…

Top Tips

  • Buy exactly the right amount – When buying shrink wrap film you should work out the amount that you need and buy accordingly. Remember that shrink wrap film is incredibly sensitive to heat and should not be stored for longer than necessary, therefore you shouldn’t buy in bulk thinking that it will last and stay in top condition forever. When buying shrink wrap always ask how long it is supposed to last.
  • Find the best kind of shrink film for your needs – When it comes to shrink wrapping there are shrink wrap films available which are more suited to packaging certain items than others. There are specific shrink wrap films designed to preserve food products for example. Other shrink wrap films can be thinking and heavier designer for larger items which need more protections. Before ordering any, do your research and find the best film for your intended use.
  • Train employees efficiently – You should ensure that each of your employees know how to handle, measure, cut and use shrink wrap film and machines that they will need to use in your business efficiently and effectively. Brief them on how important it is to get the right measurements so that materials are not wasted and make them keep notes of what they use and what is left over.
  • Consider other packaging materials – Is shrink wrap film the only packaging supply that you can benefit from? Consider using other, less-expensive packaging materials where possible. Some of your items will of course need shrink wrapping but others may not, look into each of your products individually and assess.

Follow these tips and you are sure to use less film and save money! If anyone has any other tips which they would like to add to these, we urge them to comment and share with all!