AvaLAN Wireless Is All Set To Offer Custom Wireless Service To Kroger

AvaLAN Wireless Is All Set To Offer Custom Wireless Service To Kroger

The wireless systems from AvaLAN Wireless are known for its secure and reliable form of EMV connectivity items. Each system went through extensive versions of network penetration testing before finally dispatching the results. So, when Kroger was in need for such EMV upgraded products, the company preferred to choose this team for help over other competitive names in this high-tech market. The optimized security features alongside additional security layers are some of the best ways to keep hackers at bay. That helps in protecting EMV PCI data of the client’s team. These are some of the basic reasons for Kroger to choose this team over others and let them, cover 10,000 fuel dispensers.

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It is rather important to learn more about the EMV connectivity products and its related solutions from AvaLAN before coming to a decision. Following these points will help you realize why Kroger went for this company. The industrial based wireless 5GHZ data device comes handy with integrated form of managed Ethernet switch. That helps in matching all sorts of fuel dispenser needs. Moreover, this solution always helps in delivery high speed and power for the modernized dispensers with UL certified data encrypted technology. Furthermore, the team can offer network VLAN segmented switch for PCI compliance.

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You can enjoy this wireless Ethernet solution from AvaLAN, whenever you feel like. It comes with continual enterprise management service with reliable connectivity from network to each EMV complaint fuel dispenser. This wireless service is designed to integrate well with the wireless connection and with secure form of managed Ethernet switch, right from fuel dispenser to in-store network. You will receive just wire like performance, minus the hassle of wires. However, this chance to working with the Kroger team is huge for AvaLAN, where they get the opportunity to assist in some of the needful challenges of the retail POS market and fuel center.