AvaLAN Announces Secure EMV Wireless Solution

The company is excited to roll out a new wireless forecourt access point and in-dispenser unit, reports www.avalan.com.

AvaLN is revolutionizing next generation fuel centers with secure and reliable connections. AvaLAN just announced their new wireless forecourt access point and in-dispenser unit with a built-in cloud managed network segmentation switch. The products provide local wireless network connectivity to fuel dispensers providing a protected path for the EMV payment systems without digging any trenches. This solution is certified by Underwriters Laboratories for in-pump installation.

With the 2020 EMV upgrade deadline approaching, all fuel centers are exploring their options with one of these products. Fuel center operators are now able to get a protected and reliable link with 300 Mbps without any digging or downtime necessary. The AW584EMVAP is the wireless forecourt access point that is installed in your store and connected right to your network. The AW584EMVSU is the wireless in-dispenser subscriber unit (ISDU) with built-in network switch that creates a protected and reliable link in to the store network.

These cost-effective EMV upgrades are compatible with all major fuel dispensers and retail POS systems. The high data rate is perfect for forecourt solutions that integrate video or interactive customer engagement at the dispenser. The AvaLAN solution provides EMV and PCI compliance today and high speed for forecourt enhancements in the future.

The new AW584EMVAP Forecourt Access Point has become shipping and available today with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $795 USD. The new AW584EMVSU Wireless In-Dispenser Unit with Network Switch is also now shipping and available today with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $795 USD. AvaLAN will undoubtedly be displaying the newest solution at the NACS2017 tradeshow in Chicago this week visit AvaLAN at NACS2017 booth number 7685.

About AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc.

AvaLAN can be an ISO9001 manufacturer of critical infrastructure communication equipment. For 14 years, AvaLAN has been providing secure and reliable answers to retail POS, smart grid, security, and government customers by having an unparalleled reputation for quality and reliability. AvaLAN utilizes proprietary protocols and unique IT networking techniques to guarantee the maximum security while maintaining “plug and play” installation in order that little to no wireless or networking experience is needed for the field service technician.

AvaLAN is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with remote offices in California and Canada. Find out why Fortune 20 retailers have chosen AvaLAN for their Secure EMV upgrades.

They offer EMV and PCI compliance today and high bandwidth forecourt enhancements tomorrow. For cost-effective EMV upgrades visit AvaLAN at NACS tradeshow booth 7685, www.avalan.com/emv or call 866.533.6216.