5 Personal Branding Tips from Gary Vaynerchuk

5 Personal Branding Tips from Gary Vaynerchuk

Personal branding gurus like Dr. Sean Stephenson and Gary Vanynerchuk gave their advice on branding at the recently concluded Amplify Life Experience in Las Vegas. The branding tips by Vaynerchuk in particular carried some weight. Some of the tips are well known in the personal branding industry, but there are some unfamiliar territories that marketers have failed to thread. Below is how he captured both the familiar tips and the uncharted territory for personal branding.

Personal focus

It is called personal branding, so you need to concentrate more on yourself and what you can offer. Vaynerchuk has advised aspiring marketing experts to look inwards. A lot of people pay attention to what others are doing. He advised that it will be more effective to concentrate on testing your ads and engaging more contents rather than looking at what others are doing.

This is because one person’s situation may be different from another.  So, the main thing is to concentrate on your strengths and use it as a competitive edge over others.

Create high quality contents

Creating contents has to be a normal routine for anyone who wants to succeed online. There are no two ways about it. Yes it’s not a child’s play to be consistent in rolling out top quality contents. But that is what personal branding demands. Vaynerchuk advised that marketers should concentrate at developing new and engaging contents on a regular basis. That’s the only way to remain relevant in the industry.

Be genuine

Be real let people see your true nature. According to Vaynerchuk, that is the best way to create a niche for yourself. No one can actually succeed in personal branding when they are not authentic. Your audience needs to come to terms with your style. People who are true to themselves always find it less difficult to attract people who love their style. Those who fake their true self cannot last long with the pretense.  In his words, Vaynerchuk reiterated that it will be difficult to succeed in personal branding if you keep sounding like other people.

Master your trade

Before you set out to perfect other strategies, it’s important you know exactly what you are doing. To stay relevant in your industry, people need to feel your influence. You need to understand your niche very well.

Remember that you will be offering advice and tips. There is no way you can do this properly without a sound knowledge of the subject matter. Even if you feel you have enough knowledge and information on your chosen niche, it’s not bad if you seek to improve.   You should not stop researching new trends about your industry. Your quality contribution in social media pages and other interaction platforms will help you gain credibility in your chosen field.

Finally, you need to stay positive

Growing your brand whether offline or online is not easy. There are so many challenges that may come your way in the process. The best way to conquer these problems is to have a positive mindset. With the right mindset, it will improve your attitude and belief system towards your goals.

Vaynerchuk stressed the need to have self awareness. You should try as much as positive to push back negative thoughts. Instead, concentrate more on positive thinking towards your desired goal. This will help a lot to improve your confidence and work positively towards you branding goals.