14 Best iPhone Apps for 2018

14 Best iPhone Apps for 2018

Apps are the foundation of Apple’s iOS platform. What sets the mobile platform of Apple apart from its rivals is the ecosystem, and the highest-quality apps are the best in class. The following are the best must-have iPhone apps for 2018.

1. Facebook

To make your iPhone Facebook official, download this app. With the app, keeping up with your friends is now faster than ever. You can see what your friends are up to, watch as well as interact with live video, share updates, photos as well as videos, get notified when your friends comment and like on your photos, and much more. It’s a must-have app for nearly anyone because many other social apps usually connect through Facebook to get vital information.

2. Google Chrome

The app is an upgrade from Safari, the default browser. Google Chrome app can sync your bookmarks and history across devices, and it includes features such as search bar autocomplete as well as unlimited tab functionality.

3. GroupMe

For people who find themselves taking part in numerous group chats, GroupMe makes keeping track of them all easier. You are capable of naming your groups, set avatars, plus save your videos and photos within the group chats if you want to refer back to at a later time or date.

4. Skype

The de facto Voice over Internet Protocol owned by Microsoft Corporation, Skype is used by over 250 million users all over the world. Free international video and voice calls are hard to pass up.

5. WhatsApp

The app is a great choice for users who do not have unlimited texting and spend most of their time connected to Wi-Fi. WhatsApp lets you send as well as receive messages, video messages, audio notes and pictures.

6. Bumble

This app flips the paradigm of web dating on its head because ladies make the first move. If you match with someone, the woman has up to 24 hours to send you a message or else the match will expire.

7. Oh She Glows

For lovers of food, Oh She Glows includes over 95 plant-based recipes that are not only healthy but look extremely stunning as well. Apart from excellent photos of each recipe, you are provided with the dish description, a list of tips, step-by-step instructions as well as nutritional information.

8. PlayStation

For those who love games, the PlayStation app offers similar basic functionality as SmartGlass, but it is for your PlayStation 4. With the app, you can compose messages, view trophies and browse the PlayStation Store. Also, some games include second-screen functionality for people who need a deeper play experience.

9. RunGo

Many people have running apps for helping them track their distance, calories burned and elevation. However, RunGo offers something different to users by helping to guide them through new routes across different areas. The app also comes with tours through scenic neighbourhoods, plus other notable sites, if users would like a distraction from the workout.

10. Google Play Books

The app offers millions of titles for you to choose from and read even when you are offline. Any notes that you take while reading will sync automatically to your Google Drive, and you can share with groups to collaborate on. The addition of audiobooks allows you to listen to books on-the-go with no subscription required.

11. Amazon

Amazon app allows you to browse Amazon’s extensive collection of products fast and easily. You can also enable daily Amazon Gold Box deals notifications so that you don’t miss out on discounts.

12. 1Blocker

If you don’t like seeing those annoying ads on your iPhone, 1Blocker the ideal app. The app uses iOS content blocking features, letting you customise what ads plus other content that you want to block. Also, you can present some pages where you always like to see all the content. With this app, you will not see the auto-played videos when you are reading the news.

13. EnlightPhotofox

With this app, you can take photo editing game to another level without trying to learn Photoshop, which can be a headache. Enlight lets you colour, filter, superimpose, plus use other effects on images. The app was featured in the 2017 ADA (Apple Design Awards).

14. Google Maps

It’s the leader in mapping apps and a reliable service that you can use when you want to navigate the area you are in, while you receive real-time updates public transit information and traffic conditions. You can read as well as write reviews for restaurants and businesses, see a timeline of your activities, label your favourite places as well as share your current trip plus location with family and friends.